cityscape art cityscape art

Artist Martin Stuart Moore


Retro photos of the artist's travels

23" (584mm) x 16" (406mm), 1970.

California Here I Come

"California Here I Come", print £39

"Working at various jobs in New York for several weeks, getting ripped off as well as earning some bucks. Escape was the drive away car system; you deliver a car for someone in California and pay the gas! My friend and I took delivery of a huge Dodge Monaco from an elevator car park on 5th Avenue. Eventually we left the eastern states on Route 80 W and a day or so later found ourselves beneath the open skies of the mid west... This picture captures some of that feeling of escape from the city".

Stuarts photographs are reproduced from the original 35mm slides taken on his student travels in the 60's and 1970. The photographs were taken with an Agfa Super Silette camera and are reproduced as photo prints at 23" x 16" on Chromira 200 gsm paper, he signs each one. The images are as he took them with the exception of the removal of some scratches and mould on the film.