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Artist Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Altrincham

Limited Edition of 750 prints, 15" x 19", 1991.

Memories of Altrincham

Limited Edition print: £69

Hardly had the paint dried on Macclesfield and I was out again, wandering the streets of Altrincham.The variation of building materials in the town made colour an important aspect of this painting, along with the quite different scale of buildings; from miniature in Goose Green to grand at the old Lloyds Bank and the lower end of The Downs. By July the print was published and my summer promotional tour began. The scale and quality of the residences in this town are something to behold, and the houses that have not been converted into flats give you an idea what life must have been like in Altrincham one hundred years ago. Promotional sales from house to house were excellent which said something about the picture, but also that warm August evenings was a good time to sell.