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Artist Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Bolton

Limited Edition of 750 prints, 15" x 19"

Memories of Bolton

Limited Edition print: £69

On a clear day I can see Winter Hill from my studio in Stockport, this soft rounded hump forms the northern boundary of Bolton. This is a busy and quite compact town centre with good open pedestrian areas, particularly in front of the enormous Town Hall. This clearly was built in competition with the other towns surrounding Manchester and might well have won the prize for scale and impact. Individual buildings and local history particularly caught my imagination, like the Man and Scythe pub serving ale since 1251, the Olde Pastie Shoppe 1667, the time ball above Preston's of Bolton that used to fall at 10am each day, Hall I' th' Wood a fascinating Elizabethan house, and many references to Bolton's textile history.