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Artist Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Macclesfield

Limited Edition of 750 prints, 15" x 19", 1991.

Memories of Macclesfield

edition sold out

Macclesfield was a step up from my previous pictures, as a historic town, my background reading was greater and the time it took to get the feel of the place was more lengthy. The silk industry had to be reflected in the composition and historical anecdotes appeared like the broken treacle barrel that gave rise to 'treacle town'. My promotional tour was shorter in Macclesfield as I readily found outlets for my prints and it was cold that spring.

My letter to the late Brian Redhead, (famous broadcaster and journalist) enclosing a photo of the print resulted in a phone call from him asking if I would call round with one. Off I went to Rainow and found his cottage. Jenny and Brian were really friendly and asked to see the original, which I happened to have in the car. "Is it for sale?" he said, I mumbled "five" (hundred). "Thousand" says Brian. "No; hundred" says the artist. "Well I'd like to buy it for Jenny's Birthday." With that he then took me on a tour of his house showing me his not inconsiderable art collection. Yet another special memory brought about by my pictures. (However impossible it may have seemed then my originals now sell at fifteen to twenty times that amount).