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Artist Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Prestbury

Limited Edition of 450 prints, 15" x 19", 1991.

Memories of Prestbury

Limited Edition print: £69

To tackle Prestbury was a risk as the village is attractive just as it is, and it is also well painted, but even with this small settlement my capriccio style seemed to go down well. The tranquillity of the church yard with the Saxon Cross and Norman Chapel is most welcome in the rush hour, but much of the time the abundance of restaurants and characterful inns present a peaceful prospect for the fortunate 'villagers'. Slightly alarmed when I published the print, only to be told that a well known and talented local artist had published a montage of the village six months before. Fortunately for me he had presented five separate views of the village as one picture rather than re-crafting the elements into one composition, which is the essence of my capriccio style. I printed a smaller edition for this smaller settlement — 450 prints.